Derek Miers is CEO of BPM-Focus, following the recent merger of Enix Consulting Limited and WARIA. He is a well-known independent industry analyst and technology strategist, publishing a great many white papers and product assessments. Over the years, he has carried out a wide range of consulting roles have involved the provision of strategic consulting advice – from facilitating board level conversations around BPM initiatives, through establishing effective BPM Project and Expertise Centers, to helping clients develop new business models that leverage business process strategies. Clients have included many of the world’s largest and well-known financial services companies (banks, building societies and insurers), pharmaceutical companies, telecoms providers, commercial businesses, product vendors and governmental organizations.

2 Responses to About

  1. kgugl says:

    Hi Derek,
    My name is Karen Guglielmo and I’m the editor of a site called SearchCIO.com, a TechTarget site. We are an information and news portal for IT executives. We are hosting an upcoming webcast on the topic of determing the potential ROI of a BPM SaaS model. I wanted to see if I could talk to you about possibly hosting this event online for us. Could you contact me directly at kguglielmo@techtarget.com to chat more?

  2. qnaguru says:

    What are the apps for which BPM tools in general (Appian in particular) are not suitable?

    Since we can store all data in process variables, do we create db tables to store data?

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