SharePoint and BPM White Paper Research

After a summer of doing other things (including a lot of house maintenance), I am back into the swing of things and working on a White Paper around how the emergence of SharePoint is affecting the BPM industry.

I will be exploring the issues associated therewith, the different sorts of integrations, the future of BPM linked with this MS “Swiss Army Knife” (as Rashid Kahn described it on Jim Sinur’s post).

So I am interested in any and all views associated with SharePoint and the world of Business Process. I will be exploring the different levels of maturity of SP users, the claims and aspirations of MS in this domain and the potential for long term leverage in the end-user community.

Of course, it will be best if folks could comment on this blog for all to see the sources, and I will post a copy of the white paper here as well in a few weeks time. All references and perspectives that I end up referencing I will of course acknowledge.

I must say at this point, I am fairly underwhelmed by the MS notion of “workflow” but it is still early days in my research.

2 Responses to SharePoint and BPM White Paper Research

  1. purnag says:

    Please can you share your whitepaper on the emergence of SharePoint in BPM industry?

    Thanks in Advance,

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