Virtual BPM TechShow Next Week

Following the success of our BPM Technology Showcase format in the real world (Feb and Oct 2008), and given the fact that nobody is allowed travel budget these days, make sure you check out the Virtual BPM Technology Showcase next week – Tuesday 7/7 through Thursday 7/9.

Over a three day period, we will be introducing 7 of the leading vendors in the BPM arena:

  • Appian (7/7)
  • Ascentn 7/8)
  • Fujitsu (7/7)
  • Global360 (7/9)
  • Itensil (7/7)
  • Savvion (7/8)
  • SRA (7/9)

Each vendor will talk to the value that their technology delivers and how customers have deployed their solutions. This is not some vague conference where nobody is allowed to talk about their true innovations and features. Neither is it a noisy showroom floor where folks are wandering around wondering when they can get a real demo of this hot new product. We have set out to structure the interaction between seller and potential customer. Each 45 minute session is followed by a detailed Q&A allowing you to get up close and personal.

Having said that, it is supported by 3 different keynote sessions where I will cover:

  • The BPM Techynology Assessment Framework (7/7)
  • Ensuring BPM PRoject Success (7/8)
  • The Customer Experience and BPM (7/9)

To find out more or register for the event go to the BPM TechShow site. And if you need a further incentive to take part, either Nathaniel Palmer or myself will be available for individual one-on-one sessions to help you fast track your BPM program.


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