Holy Crap – Is It That Long

I have posted just one blog post in the best part of 6 months, I am wondering whether I even qualify as a blogger. I suppose not … problem is that when I want to say something, I find I want to say it well and in considered form. Then I get distracted with some current deliverable (or crisis, or proposal, or call, or …) and the feeling passes.

Of course, I still have the current book hanging around my ears to get out too, excerpts of which might make good postings. The problem is that this book is turning into a bit of an opus … my perspectives on life the universe and everything to do with BPM and Transformation. So having virtually completely re-written the whole thing, I am about to take the knife to it again, perhaps splitting it into two books to make them both more accessible.

I am sure that the end result will be worth it … I mean, apart from Academics looking for a single reference guide on BPM for their students, who wants (or needs) a complete analysis of all things BPM’ish. So I am working with a colleague to cut it down to a business oriented discussion about the power of managing processes as a way of, in the end, driving organizational transformation.


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