Brazil seems full of “People Who Get It”

Last night I was “privileged” to go along to the Brazilian Quality Awards (Fundação Nacional da Qualidade) here in Sao Paulo. I was invited along to their national awards ceremony by FNQ. I am here running some training – BPM Process Modeling Fundamentals (BPMN) and Developing A Structured Approach To BPM – all hosted at the FNQ offices.

Now I don’t speak Portuguese, so the speeches went over my head (pity, as most of the audience sat in rapt attention). But what struck me was the seriousness and understanding of the business people I met – serious in the sense of processes are really important to them; and understanding in the sense of the journey they are on.

And some are well advanced on that journey. I mean, how many Executives (business owners) do you meet that really do understand the notion of truly managing their business through processes … let alone one who it turns out does not have any functions at all. His company has no Functional Managers, just Process Owners and associates working with them. Not many that I can recall.

Coming back to the Quality Awards, I can see it is really a serious business here. The speeches went before the dinner … and with no jokes (that made the audience laugh) until 50 minutes in, it was tough going (so that’s one SLA not well met).

But here in Brazil, they really seem to get the Connect, Communicate and Collaborate ideal, which was in sharp contrast with some of the power games played by the traditional (American/British) way of doing business. With the people I have met here in Brazil, I have been struck by the contrast with some of those I met on my way here.

I met a number of Senior Executives from brand name companies. Whether their parent companies get it or not (at the C level exec level), one thing is for sure, the local management talent know what it is all about to compete through process. A perspective that I felt was backed up by the quality of the Business Analysts I met on the courses so far. Make no mistake – Brazil is a rapidly growing market for BPM.


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