Back Home At Last

Well, I feel like I have been through the ringer … although I got “home” in the middle, I moved house to (SW France) and then immediately set off again. So I have been on the “the road” since mid-August. Hence only a few blog posts here and there (not as though I posted that many before). Now I am in one place for a couple of weeks its a chance to catch up and regroup. I have a load of notes from the various events I went to – my intention is to combine them into quick summaries of each one and post them here over the coming couple of weeks (before I head off again on another spastic bout of travel).

I also intend to pick up on the various postings around the future of BPMN 2.0 and what it needs to deliver, along with my perspective on the BPMN-BPEL debate that has broken out in the blogosphere.

One area I have been working will start to show through in the blog and the engagements we take on. We are calling it “The Center for BPM” – a group of accomplished associates coming together under the BPM Focus banner to really focus on what is possible with BPM and learn together with customers. Essentially, we offering services that help you deliver your outcomes!

Service mix from The Center for BPM

Service mix from The Center for BPM

The Center for BPM comprises a network of tightly aligned experts in the BPM arena. We work with colleagues and customers to push the envelope of what is possible within the context of a BPM initiative and BPM technology. Our experts are quite literally, giants in their own respective field of expertise – internationally recognized and successful in their own right. We work together within the Center for BPM to share our perspectives, IP and expertise, learning together and creating new insights and capabilities. We collaborate as appropriate on individual assignments. So over the coming months you will see others coming here to blog about their own perspectives.

I suppose that is enough for now. I will soon start chewing through the notes and posting my own perspectives on these conferences.


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