Another month, 3 conferences later …

Well here I am back at the Gaylord in DC. It seems like months since I was here last (yet it is less than one). In the meantime, I had good intentions of blogging about the BPM Think Tank experience (OMG Chicago Oct 6-7) … but that was swiftly followed by a workshop (Developing A Structured Approach for BPM) so I sort of lost site of all my notes. Its still on my agenda, but keeps getting pushed out by other things that must get done.

After that we had the BPM Technology Showcase – I sat in the sessions this time, shadowing a customer. It was really interesting to me to see some of the innovation that has been happneing. I have comprehensive notes from most of those sessions so I still intend to post stuff there.

Now here we are the following week in DC again, this time at the Pega event. I will post seperately on the notes I have been putitng together. I wont try and keep up with Sandy, but I am starting to marshall my thoughts and observations. What’s great about this conference is the really excellent conversations I have had so far … but that’s the nature of conferences, you never know who you will run into, or what you will talk about.


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