Some amazing results already – Business Analyst Survey

Well I must say I am more than just a little surprised at some of the results that have popped out of our Business Analyst survey. With approaching 300 responses now, it is starting to become statistically significant (although with hindsight some of the questions could have been phrased more directly).

First, its the apparent popularity of Role Activity Diagrams. To my great surprise, the technique is more widely used than BPMN at this point. Something like 47% of respondents have indicated that they use RADs. Now I am sure that there is a certain element of confusion here (RADs are not the same as Flow Diagrams segmented by Swimlanes), but nevertheless, it indicates a heightened level of awareness around the technique. Of course, most Business Analysts still model processes without any formal techniques underpinnign their approaches.

Secondly, despite the attempted spin from some naysayers in our industry, around 65% of firms do use a BPM Suite or Workflow product somewhere in their organization (and a significant proportion have more than one BPMS). This is validated by the fact that a similar number of people say their own process models are used to support a BPM or Workflow implementation. And it is quite inciteful to see the distribution of the products used (it roughly follows what I would have guessed at the outset … which is somewhat at odds with the touted penetration of the vendors involved).

Thirdly, the percentage of respondents who feel they would benefit from further training. For the moment I will keep the details of this to myself, and the areas that are of most interest (let’s wait till the survey is completed in mid-October).

If you havent taken the survey then get your votes in … it should only take about 5-10 mins (something to do on those quiet summer days in the office ;-/). To encourage you to take part, we have put up some significant prizes (Nikon D200 or Bose Home Entertainment System being the first prize). The drawing (from those that complete the survey) will take place at the next BPM Technology Showcase in Washington DC (October 14-16).


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