Conference season is almost upon us …

And what a schedule it seems to be this year. After getting the BPMN Modeling and Reference Guide off to the printers (at last), the schedule doesn’t seem to be any lighter. The other book (Mastering BPM – The Practitioners Guide) needs some finishing touches (but is otherwise heading to the printers shortly).

My conference season goes as follows:

  • Appian Forum – September 8th and 9th (Washington DC) – Session Developing A Structured Approach for BPM Project Success
  • Gartner BPM Summit – September 9-12 (Washingotn DC) – Doing 3 sessions (if you include the opening Round Table on the opening night, BPM and Modeling, and Process Architecture.
  • BPM Think Tank – October 6-7 (Chicago) – Round Table “How Can Models Improve Business Agility?” and chairing the Panel on BPM and SaaS “On-Demand BPM”
  • BPM Technology Showcase – October 14-16 (Washington DC) – should be a humdinger of a showcase, where you get to evaluate all the key vendors side by side (up close and personal with detailed presentations of each technology product). Effectively running this show with my colleague Nathaniel Palmer.
  • PegaWorld – October 19-21 (Washington DC). This time I am supposed to be the quiet (vocal) delegate, asking quesitons, probing, blogging (huh) and otherwise exploring. So no sessions for once.

The last couple of months are currently not set in stone, but I am sure I will be doing my bit for global warming (too much travel). The only firm date is the BPM Think Tank Europe in November. Oh, and in the middle there somewhere, I have to move house and run a couple of workshops(back in Europe).

Anyway, if you are at any of these shows, come and find me, get me to sign one of the books, etc.


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