Updated BPM Focus Site

Just like the buses – there’s none for ages, then all of a sudden two come past in a row.

The new BPM Focus web site has been in the works for some time. We have been implementing a BPM Suite under the hood to support our interactions with members. This will allow us to have individual conversations with members, to customise their indiviudal experience in the site and to tailor the email interactions we have with members (making sure we only send them stuff that is relevant to their interests).

As with all of these things, getting a complex software environment up and running can be complicated, especially when you are asking it to do things that it wasn’t originally designed to do. So, in the next few days, we will have a BPMS underpinning all interaction in the site. The user wont necessarily be aware of it, as they will still see HTML forms.

Its just that even when they select a White Paper to download, or register for a course, they will be interacting with a process. So to change the way the site works, or any of the interactions–from logging in, to downloading a doc, to updating their own details, to establishing a consulting profile–its all a process. And as anyone knows who has had to build processes to support this sort of behavior, there are lots of wrinkles. But I think we have now cracked it, and by next Monday at least we will have the new site up — but in the meantime, its testing, testing, testing …

There are a couple of new white papers that will be available, a sample case study or two (for those who want to submit a case study to the “Global Excellence Awards in BPM and Workflow”). There is also a summary/white paper that outlines the standards stack being developed at the OMG, explaining the rational of each standard, its functional use, where/how it is beign used and the status of the standard.

But more of that next week …


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