New Web Site – BPMF Learning Framework and Training Schedule

Just a short note to say that the more observant amongst you will have noticed a new look BPM Focus web site … if you haven’t already been there click the BPM Focus logo on the right.

Secondly, if you are interesting in plugging the yawning skills gap in BPM, check out the BPMF Learning Framework and the Public Course Training Schedule.

In the meantime, I am told we will have over 40 people attending my pre-conference workshop at the Gartner BPM Summit (you have to pay extra for this).

As you can see from the anticipated schedule, I will be picking up some frequent flier miles to add to my growing tally [Gold and ExecPlatinum Card here I come] .

We anticipate having an entirely new form of content up there within a week or so – a self assessment tool for BP Maturity Assessment (that is assuming our partners are true to their word ;-/).

We will also be opening the floodgates for an active discussion forum on the site (for those who want to pick the brains of the wider BPMF Community at large). However, I am not holding my breath on that front. Not since the days of the BPR-L mailing list of the early 90s have I seen much active discussion. Any spammers will be immediately ejected and the IP address banned.


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