And the competition respond …

I received a couple of follow up emails from Lombardi competitors following my review of Lombardi and their new Blueprint offering in Intelligent Enterprise.

First Appian pointing me to their Appian Anywhere press release:

“Appian, the leading provider of Business Process Management (BPM) technology, today announced Appian Anywhere the first full-featured Business Process Management Suite available via an on-demand, software as a service (SaaS) model. The entire award-winning Appian BPM Suite is now available through the Internet browser – there are no downloads required for modeling or running automated processes. This subscription service provides all the functionality of the Appian Enterprise BPM Suite plus additional features to provide organizations and departments with effortless site branding, administration and application deployment …”

And then Savvion SVP Patrick Morrissey, who offers the “following food for thought, on the record”:

“Yesterday’s announcements are a beautiful snapshot of on-demand’s reality and hype in practice. Appian’s solution is a good Web-only application – and we applaud their effort to focus on BPM for the small and medium market (SMBs). Lombardi, however, is trying to use SaaS as a way to divert attention from the fact that they now have a beta modeling tool with PowerPoint export – it’s not on-demand; it’s BPM modeler ‘light’. Savvion has offered a full-featured process modeler as a free download on our website to help business and IT users get started with BPM for more than two years. 75,000 users have downloaded our modeler and we welcome Lombardi’s move to adopting our market leading strategy.”

Clearly Lombardi have their immediate competition rattled. I was aware of Appian’s plans but as Sandy Kemsley points out it seems like a somewhat hurried response. OTOH, Patrick Morrissey clearly hasn’t seen Blueprint (no surprise there), so it I can forgive him for misleading. It is quite a different thing to have a stand alone proprietary modeling tool as against a collaborative modeling environment that is delivered via a SaaS model.

Edit – Feb 15th – Savvion enters the brawl – Column 2 – ebizQ … Sandy’s comment on the same email.


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