Standards Are The Answer

Doug Henschen, in a recent posting on Intelligent Enterprise Linking Insight to Action: The Next Big Goal pointed to issue of enabling the business itself to operate the levers of change.

One of the reason this is so fragmented is that we have loads of vendors all pushing their proprietary approaches. The BPfM (Performance) vendors need to interface to the BPM (Process) vendors products more effectively. Right now, each one of these interfaces is a bespoke point to point integration (whether it be WebMethods to Blaze to Business Objects … or Metastorm to Cognos … or …)At the OMG we are working on a “standard” to enable this interaction more effectively.

Dubbed BPRI (for Business Process Runtime Interface) this should revolutionize this problem and make the issue a thing of the past.

Think of BPRI as enabling more effective Business Process Analytics and ongoing optimization of the process over time. What we need is more involvement from the very vendors who decry the lack of effective solutions. That is especially true of the BPfM vendors.

Expect to see the standard thrashed out a little more before it gets posted for public consumption, but individual vendors who are interested in exploring the implications of this standard should contact me directly.


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