It Has Been A While – BPM Training, New Site

I know it has been the best part of a couple of months since I posted anything … but it is all to do with the pressures of work and the need for a holiday. But now back into the swing of things and you should at least see a posting from me every week.

One thing I did want to let you know about was out upcoming training schedule for BPM Focus. The BPMF Learning Framework is continuing its onward development (now incorporating two key courses – “Starting Out and Rolling Out BPM Programs” and “Advanced Process Modeling.”

Starting Out and Rolling Out BPM Programs is really focused around ensuring that projects are appropriately set up and managed. The December session was very successful and we expect torun further events across the US and Europe over the coming year. The next public courses at this level will be March 21-22 in San Francisco and April 18-19 in London.

Advanced Proced Modeling – this is a new course developed in conjunction with the best in the business – the main original author of the BPMN spec (cant say who until we complete the negotiations with his employer); and Martyn Ould (the grandfather of one of my favourite techniques – Role Activity Diagrams). APM will give you all you need to know about BPMN, RADs and Business Capability modeling. It will be available online by mid-year. The first instructor led versions of this training are scheduled to be Santa Monica (April 2nd and 3rd) and in London on May 1st and 2nd). A full schedule of events will be available on the BPMF web site.

And talking of web sites, we have been developing a new site, which should go live in the next week or so … these things always seem to take longer than you expect. This new site will shortly include a BPMM self assessment tool, user log-in … to come is a wide variety of new services and content that registered users will have access to.

In the short term, if you are interested in the training, please contact me directly (miers @

Till next time – Derek


One Response to It Has Been A While – BPM Training, New Site

  1. wenjingcasewise says:

    Thank you for your information.

    We providing the leading tool of BPM-Casewise. Have a look at our website to know more about us:

    Casewise provides Business Process Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, IT Governance and SOA modeling solutions. The heart of the solution is the Corporate Modeler Suite which consists of the graphical modeling and simulation toolset plus the portfolio of enterprise architecture templates and methodological frameworks, that together make it possible for organizations to rapidly visualize, analyze and optimize all areas of their business. Thereby, delivering an effective platform for process documentation and communication that supports the needs of users at all levels from senior management right the way through to process users.

    Before organizations can improve operational efficiency there is a need to ensure that existing business requirements are fully understood, and that all key activities are taken into consideration when changes to improve systems are made. The Corporate Modeler Suite provides a comprehensive modeling toolset and extensible repository, assisting organizations and consultants to work with, better understand, and re-align an organization’s business processes, systems and enterprise architecture.

    The toolset can be pre-loaded from an extensive portfolio of pre-built and cross-referenced Best Practice frameworks, Regulatory Compliances and ISO Standards including: ITIL, eTOM, Sarbanes-Oxley, CobiT HIPAA, MiFID, Basel II, Data Protection Act, Solvency II, ISO 20000, ISO 19770, ISO 9000, FDA, CMMI, SCOR, OASIS and MRASCo… These detailed visual models have been fully analyzed and where overlaps occur they have been unified, and harmonized. This forms the core of Casewise’s innovative, pioneering and award winning ‘Compliance Cartography’ approach which provides an excellent foundation to accelerate an organizations modeling, analysis and documentation initiatives.

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