BP Maturity Models

Sandy Kemsley in her piece today about BPMM (BPMM tutorial) clearly hasnt seen too many of these things.

Our old friend at Babson (Tom Davenport) has one, Gartner have a collection of slides for $795 (I am sure it is more than that), Bearing Point have one (The
Business Process Maturity Model: A Practical Approach for Identifying Opportunities for Optimization
(overview free from BP Trends) … even a casual search on Google brings up a great number when you put in Business Process Maturity Model. But BPMG dont seem to make it to the first few pages. Every vendor worth its salts in the SOA space has one …

But none that I have seen have anything like the depth and breadth of that which is being discussed at the OMG next week (i.e. BPMM). Personally, I had a real “A Ha” moment (I know I have had a couple in the last 6 months …) during John Alden’s original presentation on the concept in June in Boston … I was writing (thrashing around) my paper on Corporate Agility and Process Innovation (available
free on the BPM Focus web site under White Papers). It was very much about at what point endless standardization of process needs to give way to innovation and personal freedom (the sort of thing that Jon Pyke alludes to in Why Workflow Sucks).


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