BPM Focus Joins The Blogging Generation

Seems I have finally succumbed to the blogging craze. I find that I am tracking so many anyway, and commenting liberally on the work of others, I might as well start doing it from my own space.

BPM Focus (BPMF) is a new member network formed by the recent merger of Enix Consulting and WARIA. The new organisation extends the traditional services offered by WARIA through a range of educational services focused around the BPM arena. The BPMF Learning Framework is a program of BPM Development & Deployment courses incorporating best practices for BPM project delivery and supporting techniques from the very best thinkers in the industry.

You will also find a range of BPM related white papers available on the site, including the acclaimed “Keys To BPM Project Success” paper (registration required).

BPM Focus is also heavily involved in work on Process Standards at the OMG, and provides a certain degree of “outreach” support for the work going on there. You may be interested to read my comment here responding to Sandy Kemsley on developing these standards.

You can expect perhaps a few postings per week on subjects around the BPM space.


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